the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another


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    [the facts]


Prince was Murdered for his dedication to artistic freedom & creative license. A slave who broke free,

a pioneer, a freedom fighter & and innovator


 a well known global record company received  $1bn blood money on the day of his murder, a payout from a life insurance policy following his long-term public legal battle with the label which resulted in him

accomplishing artistic freedom


Prince's name change to the unpronounceable          symbol in 1993 allowed him to free himself from all contractual obligations proving that

artists can succeed away from corporate greed and without industry ownership of

artistic creations


Prince was publicly vocal on subjects such as chemtrails, depopulation, government corruption, racism, fluoride in our drinking water & factory farming.

He was a warrior, who paved the way for artistic independence


A toxicology report obtained by the Associated Press showed an "exceedingly high" concentration of Fentanyl in his body (a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin). The concentration of Fentanyl in his body was 67.8 micro grams per litre : enough to have killed 14 humans his size...


abigail noel

ABIGail noel, the founder of j project ministries, jutice4prince.com & the long angel project is

a purple warrier


a fierce prophetic channel, psychic medium & emotional alchemist who has dedicated 13 years of her life to the justice movement


now, more than ever, abigail's gift are crucial to ensure a planet which brings down controlling forces and strives towards a free world


specific to j4p and based on evidence which has proved over 90% accurate in this case we are

demanding dna, arsenic & bromelain testing to be performed on the remains of prince rogers nelson


we also demand oversight & review of this case by dr. kevin sam merigian of the stone institute in

memphis, tn.

the toxicology...

    [does not compute]

On May 21, 2018 ABC News affiliate KSTP, Channel 5 News released a leaked toxicology report


Prince's Fentanyl toxicity levels: 

 Blood Fentanyl: 67.8 milligrams

Liver Fentanyl: 435 milligrams

 Gastric Fentanyl: 14,000 milligrams



The highest level of Fentanyl was found in Prince's liver, confirming that the drug(s) were ingested, not injected. Its simply unrealistic that it would be possible to ingest in pill form that level of Fentanyl tables (which would be in the 7,777)


Prince was poisoned by a liquid "Magic Elixir" (a similar drug combination also used for lethal injection).


This is consistent with                                  channel that the drugs were mixed into pineapple & lemon juice intentionally made for Prince to drink, provided by personal Chef, Ray Roberts.

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