Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince), was "removed" for Music Rights by the music  industry, which "enslaved" him in return for ownership of his creations, artistic  control, financial gain and most importantly his spiritual awareness. This petition concerns Prince's "removal", but also is driven by it's founders dedication for a positive future progression for ALL artists, so take a stand...radical man.

Based on evidence which has proven over 90% accurate in this case, channeled by Abigail Noël, Justice4Prince is demanding DNA, arsenic & bromelain testing be performed on the remains of Prince Rogers Nelson. We additionally demand oversight and review of this case by Dr. Kevin Sam Merigian of The Stone Institute in Memphis, TN.

Justice will be served. DoTheWork - SIGN here, then register for JusticeRallies, updates, watch the video evidence (Prince: The Murder) and donate to the cause.

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